After a long streak of too hor days, we decided we’d head for a coffee / late lunch somewhere with our bikes. This time we set our aim towards Järva maakond, since we knew from experience there’d be at least some twisty roads and sceneries to look at.

While riding Harleys, you do have time to look at the view you know.

First we Headed out from Tallinn via Pärnu maantee and right before Järve keskus we turned to the roas to Viljandi (Road 15). We followed this road through Luige and Rapla all the way to Türi where we decided to have something to eat. More about the munching place here:

Pubi Krahv Dracula

The road was in good condition except for one road work, which should be over when this post reaches you 🙂 … Anywho, the roadwork wasn’t that bad, they were just redoing the asphalt.

The road was boring first, but 10-20km before Türi it became to be more twisty and fun. Not Twisty Twisty, but in Estonia standard it was twistier than most of the roads 🙂

Windmills, who doesn’t like windmills ?

When we left Türi we took the road number 5 towards Rakvere and in Aravete we changed to road number 13. Again the road was slightly twisty in the beginning, but got boring as we got closer to Tallinn.

After riding a while, we decided we’d go and see what was happening in Kõrvemaa Hiking & Ski Resort and have a cup of coffee. It’s has to be mentioned that if you happen to have your discgolf discs with (all of you bagger guys), the course here is awesome. Highly recommended. Also there is a discshop here if you want to stock up on your discs (again: Baggers…). Nice place for a quick stop or a nervwrecking match of discgolf with your friends / enemies.


The last 25 kilometers is a freeway, so this would be the place you get the shit out of your engine.

Anyways, this is actually one good afternoon ride with some nice Estonian scenery.

Go and try it. Now.