Pubi Krahv Dracula

As it so happened we found our selves in Türi of Järvamaa and decided, we were fairly hungry and could use a little rest of riding.

After riding across the town, we realised there wouldn’t be that many coices to choose from, so we decided to give this pub a try.

First look of this places gave as a slight insight of what’s the food is going to be like. Standard pub food, which was fine this time.

We ordered two schnitzels, unfortunately sans beer. Because the Harley’s haven’t yet learned their way home autonmously.

The food was very basic, the schnitzel itself was good and the fried potatoes were tasty. So no complaints there. The place most probably is the go-to wateringhole for the locals. I can imagine myself hanging around the baar counter in weehours. Plus they had chilis growing. It’s always a good sign. Bad people don’t grow chilis.

Given that this is the only place around we could find, i’d give it a good recommendation. So go and try when nearby.

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