Saka Mõis – Manor and spa

One of our first trips this summer was to Saka town in east side of Estonia, near Narva. We found this lovely manor closed to sea and decided to enjoy their spa and hospitality for one night.

The main road nro 1 is boring as h…, but in good condition, and also full of trucks. You can do as we did, and drive part of the trip in smaller roads. We took first road to Rakvere and from there to Kohtla-järv. These roads are in good shape also and not so straight and boring as the main road.

The manor is pretty old but recently renovated, the rooms are kinda oldish and there is nothing fancy but big enough for motorcycle stuff, clean and homey. Also free parking outside behind fence was nice.

The spa was lovely small spa with all the necessarily features like sauna, jacuzzi and swimming pool. We had the whole area only for us for 1,5 hours and that was really nice small detail.

Breakfast next morning was really nice ans we were able to eat outside.

The manor area is big and there are also some cottages to rent, you can park your wagon here and there are also places for tents.

In surrounding area you can walk, play tennis, hike, rent bicycles or just climb to watching tower to enjoy the view.

Unfortunately there is only one restaurant in the manor and it’s ok but not that good. It’s not pricey either so we didn’t really care that much. But the service was nice, food rather ok and the dining room looked amazing so we were pretty happy after we left.

The whole Saka area is pretty quickly explored but the manor is lovely, the spa is nice, prices are decent so if you are driving to m/from Narva and need place to stay, we can really recommend thia place for you.

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