Viljandi-summer city

Our next trip was from Tallinn to Viljandi. No twisty roads ahead, but not too much traffic or road blocks either! Easy, good roads and a lots on places to bypass a car, truck, horse or what ever!

Our hotel in Viljandi was called Endla hotel. We had our own parking space and a big room, which had lots of space for helmets and stuff. We liked that a lot. The room and the hotel was a bit old but in a nice way, breakfast was just poor and the bathroom really was also very small, but service, location and prices were really good!

Here are few pictures of the hotel.




Viljandi town is cute, small summer city with wooden houses, cafes, parks and medieval castle, or actually ruins of the castle but still really cool place to see.


A lot of chimneys


Local library and its wooden books


Lovely park and river. Nearby is the castle and a nice cafe

We had our dinner in restaurant Fellin (what means Viljandi in german language) and it was so good! I had a huge bowl of borch soup and house bread and he had a well cooked and seasoned pork and potatoes.


I had an excellent borsch soup and some fresh house bread.


And as a dessert, baked cheesecake with fresh strawberries

After a good dinner we wanted to taste some local beers. For that we found beershop and winebar called Mull. Nice selection of beers, good wines, terrace and good service. Not a bad end for a lovely evening.

The next morning we had our morning coffee at local “green” cafe, Roheline Maja pood ja kohvik, organic food, coffee etc.

And after a good cup coffee we headed to Otepää and Tarto. The road to Otepää was ok, good condition and finally some hills and twists. Unfortunately we only had time for a quick lunch but we will definitely go back again.

The lunch took place in a local cafe called Ugandi Kohvik. They are famous for their waffles, so we had a lunch soup and waffles with berries, 5 euros per person. And it was so good!

After Otepää it was time to go to see Tarto. You can find our tips for Tarto in the next blog post. See you soon.

Our route

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