Pärnu Grillfest

What’s a better way to start summer than a good old fashion barbeque festival! That’s why we headed to Pärnu in the beginning on June to celebrate summer and bbq-food!

Usually people choose the E67 -road to Pärnu, also known as Via Baltica, but for people with motorcycles we recommend something else, a bit smaller and about 50 km longer route trough Keila, Risti and Lihula. Roads 8, 9, 10 and 60. All of these roads are in really good shape, but don’t expect anything twisty or interesting though, since unfortunately we don’t have that much of those kinds of roads here in Estonia. But instead of those twisties you can find lovely countryside, cows and sheeps on the fields, and you might also spot a multitude of hawks and storks.

There are also plenty of places to have a coffee or enjoy a very reasonable priced lunch. So if you don’t need gas, please support the local entrepreneurs and stop in local cafes (kōrts or kohvik) and enjoy.

We stopped here for a quick coffee and continued on the road!


Here are some of the prices in year 2018.

It took us about 2,5 hour to go to Pärnu from Tallinn, and even though it is about 50 km longer route, it might be faster cause there is not that much traffic or road blocks as E67 could have in summertime.

Tervis Spa

This time we stayed at the Tervis Spa which is just around the corner of Grillfest. There is a big parking space for cars and motorcycles and a plenty of room for clothes, helmets etc in the room itself. Most of the rooms have a balcony, and all rooms have access to spa. Hotel is beside the Pärnu river, so if you like to run or walk by the water, this is the place for you. Here are some pictures of the hotel room:


Hotel room was spacious and bright


Bathroom big enough for two persons
And the view to the river was really nice


BBQ was the thing!


And also some local wines, ciders and beers were served.


The salmon was a big thing too! And why not, we are beside the water after all …

a lots of people were having fun around the riverside
Veinihaldjas offered us nice selection of Italian wines
and some snacks too
Ice coffee was a big hit

And all kind of seafood


And my personal favorite, mussels!

What can I say! We ate, we drank, we ate more and rolled back to the hotel with smile on our faces.

Next morning we had quick breakfast! Actually that was a small disappointment but luckily we weren’t that hungry 🙂 Took the bikes and headed back home.

It was fun and we will definitely come back next year! Thanks Pärnu!

Our route

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